December, 2020
Grüezi and hello, my name is Nina Giordano. I’m a passionate and collaborative designer, photographer and lover of the ocean. Currently living and working as a freelancer in sunny Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.  
With over seven years of industry experience, I have produced work within publishing, advertising and packaging design and have specialised in brand identity, web and graphic design. I have a passion for photography and in the design realm, I’ve come to love typography and editorial design. During my career I’ve been fortunate to work for a wide range of clients across a diverse range of industries, as well as NGO's. I have experience in art direction, event management and communication. 

I work and create for both cultural and commercial fields. I have an eager mind and I am always looking to extend boundaries where possible. I believe that to solve a problem, communication is key. You need to look at it from every angle, discuss and debate it. Curiosity leads to conversation, consideration and collaboration. I am dedicated to design art pieces which fit into an ecosystem in which social, technical, economical, aesthetic and of course environmental issues coexist. 
Naming, Branding & Identity, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Packaging Design, Web Design, User Experience Design, Social Content, Exhibition Design and Signalisation, Mural Design, Communication Management and Photography.
What I do
Have an eye for details. Quality before quantity. Am a positive realist. Create and design. Ask many questions. Think about the user. Passionate & hard working. Get too obsessed sometimes.
Mad about typography. Early bird. Laugh too loud. Ride my bike to work. Hike the alps. Write postcards. Facebook. Cheer All Blacks. Watch BBC Earth. Listen to CCR. Dream of my own camper van. Dive Nitrox. Zero Impact Diver. Subscribed to "Reportagen". Monkey 47. Nuts about spicy food. Camping. Shoot with a fisheye lens. Listen to funky music. Street Food. 
What I don't
Assembly line works. Work sloppy. Count my chickens before they hatched. 
Code and develop software. "Just" design. Customer is always king. Work for free (except for a good cause). Work against time. Draw still life. Dance 'till the morning light. Sneeze in public. Own a car. Run at the gym. Vlogging. Use Snap Chat. Watch soccer. Follow Game of Thrones. Yodel or play the alphorn. Save money for a single-family house. Skydive. Touch Nudibranchs. Have read Harry Potter. Single Malt. Eat bacon or cheese. Shopping trip to New York. Use a selfie-stick. Know how to walz. 5-course-menu. 
What I want: 
To create work that communicates. 
To make things simpler, smarter, more helpful and more fun. 
To think before we act. 
To work with people, not for people. 
To be part of change. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
CV Nina Giordano
2023 (Deutsch)
CV Nina Giordano
2023 (English)
Case study "90 degrees"
CAS Digital Typography, Zurich University or Arts
2016 (German) 
Case study "Kaffeerösterei Küng AG"
CAS Brand Design, Lucerne University of Applied Sience and Art 
2015 (German) 
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