Founded in Geneva in 1999, the Swiss Flavour and Fragrance Industry Association makes sure that the usage standards for fragrance materials are put into practice, based on the latest scientific researches and studies. The association is the representative organisation of the Swiss Flavour and Fragrance Industry towards Swiss economic and regulatory authorities as well the EFFA, IFRA, IOFI and other foreign and pluri-national organisations! The association primary objective is to contribute to the development of the Swiss Flavour and Fragrance Industry, to keep  its members informed about the main changes in regulations that affect the industry and to defend the common interest of its members. 

The association aimed for a new bright, appealing and modern web design with a unique visual concept. I created a mobile friendly online appearance, providing an optimal viewing and interaction experience - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling. The illustrations are part of the layout and design concept and give the website a unique characteristic which can’t be found so far in the industry market. This web project was undertaken while working at Strichpunkt GmbH, Winterthur. 

Swiss Flavour and Fragrance Industry Association (sffia)
8409 Winterthur

Consulting and Art Direction, Logo Redesign, Graphic Design, Web design, Illustration

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