Stiftung Abendrot is an independent Swiss pension fund, founded in Basel in 1984. The foundation has taken a wide range of environmental, ethical and social aspects into account before investing in new projects. They’ve defined a list of criteria based on areas such as human rights, climate and environment. Selected companies must ensure sustainability, responsibility, social and good corporate governance standards. In the past, Stiftung Abendrot has invested in many cultural areas across Switzerland such as “Lagerplatz Winterthur”, “Hanroareal Liestal” and many more. 

In cooperation with Stiftung Abendrot and Tilo Richter, an architectural and art historian from Basel, it was my pleasure to create and design a book about the area where I used to work. The book “Lagerplatz Winterthur – Ein Industriequartier im Wandel”, tells the story of an industrial warehouse district in Winterthur, where once the Sulzer engineering company had its headquarters and now has been transformed into a cultural hotspot for designers, entrepreneurs, students, cafes and hostels. By listening to the people involved; the authors, editors, artists and residents of the area, I tried to find out more about the history and the spirit of the district and at the end found a relevant design solution that suited the content of the book. As the only graphic designer and creative lead working on the book design, I was responsible for art direction, communication, layout, typography and print. This project was undertaken while working at Strichpunkt GmbH, Winterthur. 
Stiftung Abendrot
4002 Basel

sulting, Conception and Art Direction, Book Design, Editorial Design, Typography, Graphic Design, Flyer, Advertising Material

Project Partner
Dr. Tilo Richter
Architektur- und Kunsthistoriker
4056 Basel

Vanessa Püntener

Martin Zeller

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