The Lagerplatz district is an old industrial zone, formerly part of the Sulzer factory that has been renovated and converted into modern, alternative facilities. Within the zone are a series of cafes, bars, restaurants, a cinema, skills park and a hostel. It has become a popular area with a fun atmosphere. The place to be in Winterthur. 
The district is being run and managed by an independent association called “ArealVerein”. That is mainly financed through its members, tenants of the area and contributions for projects. The association’s board is using their expertise and commitment to represent the interests of their members and to deal  with third parties. To promote communication between among all members and to support a cultural area development, the association is organising diverse events such as flea markets, night markets, Sunday brunches etc. Strichpunkt GmbH, member of the "ArealVerein" asked me to design visuals, flyers and invitation cards for several of these events.

Verein Lagerplatz
8400 Winterthur


Flyer, Grafik Design, Illustration

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