Impulse is a Basel-based independent association to support and promote people with disabilities in the professional world. They demand equal opportunities and access to the general labour market for people with disabilities. The association assist disabled people find employment and protect them against dismissal. They call attention to mental barriers and prejudice which (severely) disabled employees have to face on the labour market. Despite far-reaching legal framework conditions, the employment situation of disabled workers has only slightly improved during the past few years. Impulse provides a broad range of integration assistance and access to a job market with equal opportunities. 

Together with Impulse I developed my first so-called "barrier-free" website. Creating a barrier-free online platform takes very particular measures into consideration that make it possible for people with impediments to surf on a website and understand its content. It was one of the most interesting web projects, and personally I’ve learned a great deal from it. Starting with the websites strategy and architecture to wireframes and specific templates to finally be able to design the user interface. In addition to fulfil the generally known basic requirements, like high contrast or optimal readability of the contents, I had to make the website correspond to a series of measures in terms of the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0). This project was undertaken while working at Strichpunkt GmbH, Winterthur. 

4051 Basel

Consulting and Conception, Wireframing, Web design, "barrier-free" website 

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