Meyer Stegemann Architeken AG, winner of 2017 German’s best architects award, is a renowned Swiss architecture and building firm with offices in Schaffhausen and Andelfingen. Their professional and experienced team of architects, planners, designers and engineers are dedicated to create innovative and exciting architecture, seamless environments that add functional and emotional value and promote sustainability.

Working closely with the company's management, I’ve created a new visual identity, starting with a strong logotype complemented by modern, minimal typography and a vibrant red color. Followed by their letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, brochures, etc. Their new corporate design has implemented on both digital and printed media. Meyer Stegemann Architekten desired a new digital platform, optimized by the visual look with a strategic focus to inspire as well as inform website visitors. I’ve created a responsive website that performed efficiently on both mobile and tablet. As the Creative Lead I was responsible for the look and feel of the company and all corporate and marketing materials. This branding project was undertaken while working at Strichpunkt GmbH, Winterthur. 


Meyer Stegemann Architekten AG
8200 Schaffhausen

Consulting, Conception and Art Direction, Logo & Corporate Design, Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Web design, Advertising media, Letterheads, Company folder, Company brochure, Reference reports, Christmas mailing, Adverts

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