Schwingen or “Hosenlupf”, also known as Swiss wrestling is a form of folk wrestling native to Switzerland, more specifically the pre-alpine parts of German-speaking Switzerland. Wrestlers wear Schwinghosen (wrestling breeches) with strong belts on which holds are taken. Lifting and tripping are common, and the first man down loses the bout. Schwingen is considered a "national sport" of Switzerland and Schwingen tournaments were organised as early as 1805.
Zurich's sport and wrestling club “Schwingklub Zürich” is an independent association with a dedicated purpose to promote and support the national sport. Since 1897, the club is open to active and passive members to work out, practice and participate in Schwingen tournaments. They are most engaged in supporting young people interested in this historic national sport. 

Working together with members of “Schwingklub Zürich”, I had the opportunity to create a new corporate design for the Zurich-based sports club. Through the illustrations, the visual identity has been given a playful and contemporary expression, full of energy. Besides the redesign of the Logo, I developed flyers, posters and a bright responsive web design. On the website are implemented web modules such as an event calendar, an image galleries, a team portrait, a social sharing gallery etc. As the Creative Lead I was responsible for the look and feel of the association and all corporate and marketing materials. This branding project was undertaken while working at Strichpunkt GmbH, Winterthur. 

Schwingklub Zürich
Kanton Zürich, diverse Standorte


Consulting, Conception and Art Direction, Redesign Logo, Corporate Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Web design, Flyer, Poster, Roll Up, Adverts

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