Öpfelbaum Bioladen is an organic food store providing high quality, nutritious, fresh and healthy products based in Uster, Zurich. Ecologically minded shoppers will find a variety of organic cereals, multi-vitamin fruit juices, fresh bread, fruit, sprouts and vegetables, as well as fresh tofu products. Their mission is to satisfy their customers with an impressive array of bio-products from cleaning agents to wines, fruit and veg to dairy and beyond. The store also sells sweet and savory edibles to-go and offers a nice selection of cheese and bread. 

In 2018, after many years of success, Öpfelbaum Bioladen increased their store and their range of products. For this purpose they aimed to reposition their brand into a more strongly premium segment. I was given the opportunity to develop two different visual design versions. One a bit more vibrant and playful, the other more elegant and superior. Given more thought to their target audience and the marketing strategy, version two has made the running. The new corporate design was implemented by Strichpunkt GmbH in early 2019.  

Öpfelbaum Bioladen AG
8610 Uster

Logo & Corporate Design, Letterheads, Illustration, Adverts

Project Partner
Matthias Nold 
Kommunikationskultur GmbH
4562 Biberist

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