The Black Forest got its name from the over a 160km stretch of pine trees, so dense that the sun struggles to reach the forest floor. Over time, the region got famous for its unique Black Forest houses, cuckoo clocks, lacquered shield clocks and of course their characteristic “Bollenhut”. Nowadays we even use “Black Forest” as a term to describe an elaborate, realistic way of wood carving. 
No wonder that 'Baubald Woodworks', based in the heart of the Black Forest, has dedicated himself to work with the local and regional material. His goal is to capture nature’s beauty found in trees and showcase them to their greatest potential. Baubald passion is to repurpose wood into exceptional pieces of furniture, decoration and jewellery.
He’s committed to reasonable resources, working with sustainably harvested wood from sawyers across the Black Forest region. His ability is to use wood in an emotionally-creative way, promoting woodworking as an art form. Unusual shapes and unique pieces are the speciality of his art work. ​​​​​​​

Baubald Woordworks
79106 Freiburg im Breisgau

Consulting, Conception and Art Direction, Logo & Corporate Design, Graphic Design, Web design, Photography, Editorial Design

The Noun Project

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