The Nada Cowboys – pure country music from Switzerland. The energetic five-piece band plays mostly original country compositions, infectious rock songs combined with wonderful country ballads that are catchy tunes people love. With over ten years of entertainment experience and performances at many events across the region such as Live concerts, Weddings, Private events, Corporate events, Clubs & Bars and so much more they’re offering an amazing show. Since the beginning of their music career, they’ve shared the stage with many national acts and always leave their audience nothing short of a vibrating concert performance. 
When The Nada Cowboys released their new album, I had the honour of creating artwork and a logotype for the new CD cover. The illustration on the album should sync as original and expressive as the country rock bands music. By listening to their ideas, letting them define themselves as a band and looking at their target audience, I was able to start sketching my vision for this album cover. The vision I had in mind was as energetic, cheerful and brightening as their music. This project was undertaken while working at Strichpunkt GmbH, Winterthur. 
The Nada Cowboys
8400 Winterthur

Consulting and Art Direction, Logo & Corporate Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Flyer, CD Package Design, Advertising Media, Merchandise Products

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